Do you wanna make money blogging but don’t know how to start a blog, this guide is perfect for you. After reading this entire article you’ll be able to start your own blog and generate a passive income through Blogging.

First, most of the peoples start blogging just for the sake of earning money through blogging. I suggest you keep the money the second priority in your blogging career.

First, you’ll have to find out, Are you interested in blogging? Do you feel happy writing for others? If you don’t then please don’t start blogging because no one can succeed in any field which doesn’t make them happy.

But if you’re interested to start your own blog, I appreciate your decision. Follow these steps which we’ll share in this guide.

This will not just help you start a blog today, it will motivate you that how easy it is to earn money online and make your career in the digital world.  So, If you’re serious about it, you will have to invest some money because we’ll be purchasing a domain and hosting to launch our blog.

NOTE: Please stay away from cheap hosting and domain they’re not worth it. If you launch your blog on the worst and cheap hosting your blog won’t load properly which is a really important factor.

I recommend you to go with good hosting providers like Bluehost which is officially recommended & supported by WordPress or some other hosting providers like Site-ground, Name Cheap, etc… Don’t worry we’ll talk about it later in detail.


I’ll walk you through each and every step practically. I’ll share my experience with Blogging, How you can find a perfect Niche for you. How you can pick a domain name according to Your Niche. Which hosting you should buy.

How to launch your blog + Writing your first post. How you can pick a good and light theme for your blog and so much more… So, this will be the complete step-by-step guide on how to start a blog.

Okay, now you know what we are gonna cover in this guide. Let’s drive into it. And start with our first step. But let me tell you some of the benefits, why you should start a blog.

  • You can get a massive fan following through your blog.
  • If you’re skilled then you can share your knowledge with others.
  • You can earn money blogging. Yes, You can monetize your Blog by Running Ads or With Affiliate Marketing

We’ll discuss all these. Okay, Let’s start with the first step.

Niche Research

how to start a blog

Finding a good Niche is really crucial part of starting a blog because if you won’t work on a good Niche you can’t reach your audience. You’ll waste your writing and time. Niche is basically a topic that you want to write on. So, you’ll have to find a good Niche first and then proceed to the next step.

First ask your mind, which topic you’re interested in after finding some keywords like Sports, Traveling, Technology, News, etc… After finding a perfect and interesting keyword according to your interests, you can use Google Trends to explore that keyword.

Google Trends will help you to browse on a specific keyword to know that how many peoples are searching this keyword. So, you can get the idea.

I’ll recommend you to choose that Niche or topic which is interesting and Trendy. I meant to pick that topic which is popular and maximum peoples are searching on that topic. Basically, you have to figure out which topic you can write for your audience.

These things you should consider in your Niche Research

  • Make sure your Niche has a good search volume
  • It should have sub-categories inside your Niche.
  • If there are good Affiliate Programs on that Niche, It’ll be good for you
  • Can you write content on that Niche
  • Is there a good and enough information on that Niche on the internet

If your Niche is in these criteria then you can go with that Niche/Topic. If you’re still confused to find a good Niche. Then you can take an idea from Similar Web If you go to this link there you’ll find a lot of categories.

So, find those categories which are coming good on our criteria or on which you can write good content. And people are searching on that topic. So, you can get the idea from that.

Like if you can write on Technology, Traveling, Learning, etc… There are many successful blogs that are working on this kind of Niche.

Ex: is a significant Blog based on Technology. There is this is an amazing example of a Learning Niche. SmartBlogger writes on Blogging, SEO, and other learning topics. You can explore others to find a perfect and reliable Niche for your new Blog.

Picking a Relevant Domain Name

picking a good domain name

Picking a good and reliable domain name is very important in SEO factors. If your domain is not referring to your Niche then it will be difficult for you to rank your website in google search results. Because from your domain google judges your niche and ranks your website according to those keywords.

So, it will be very good if your niche keyword exists in your domain name. For Example: If your blog is Sports-related and your domain name is ** then Google will easily find the niche of your blog and rank on Sports related keywords which will be beneficial for you and your blog.

Your domain name should be easy to read, remember, and short, then the people will recognize your domain and find your blog easily.

A domain name is a really important decision for you while creating your blog. One day your blog can become your brand and your name should be amazing and authoritative for your users. Users will use your domain name in search engines to access your content. So, make sure to pick a domain name appropriately.

I recommend you use a .com extension for your blog. If your target audience exists internationally then your domain name should have a .com extension. But if you are targeting your country you can use .us .in. .pk etc…

But most of the people are targeting worldwide you make sure your extension is .com and also don’t use .info .biz etc… Keep your domain name short. Example:)

I usually see people pick their domain with many keywords like It looks really weird. It’s won’t look professional. So, make sure you use a short easy to remember domain name which will be very helpful for you.

For example We have used just two words in our domain name. There are many examples of big brands like,,,, etc…

Your domain name should be unique and smart. Don’t copy others. Like some of the people just change the order of other brands. Please don’t do this. Try to find a unique and short name for your blog.

Getting a Best Hosting

how to start a blog
  1. Which Hosting you should buy

Web hosting is a very crucial part of creating a blog this is where all our blog data will be stored. First, let’s explore the basic concepts of web hosting. If you buy hosting from any hosting providers you basically buy some space to store your files. This is a simple concept of hosting and the domain is a simple name of your blog. That’s all you need to launch your blog.

Now, let’s understand why quality hosting is necessary. Suppose if a user comes to a specific page of your blog. That page definitely exists in your all blog files. So, as soon as your user submits the query in their browser, Browser will contact your hosting providers to provide that particular page. If your hosting is cheap and crappy it will take too much time to find the page and send it to the user’s browser which gives the worst user experience and you can lose 60% of your audience.

So, please choose a good, Fast and reliable hosting. I personally use and recommend Bluehost and Its also officially recommended hosting by WordPress. You can Install WordPress by one click in Bluehost.


There are many hosting providers out there in the market like SiteGround, NameCheap, etc… No dought they are really big brands in a web hosting world But, they are really expansive. Bluehost offers really impressive deals and providing amazing quality hosting but at a reliable price. And BlueHost provides a Free Domain name for the first 1 year. That’s why Millions of people use BlueHost and recommend it. Now on BlueHost, you can grab a special deal by clicking the Banner below:)

  1. How to Sign Up in BlueHost

Now, Let’s see how to get Bluehost hosting. Click on the Bluehost banner and it will take you to the Bluehost’s official page where you can sign up for annual subscriptions of Bluehost.

How to Start a Blog

So, here click on this Big green button to get started. As soon as you click this button you’ll see the packages page where you’ll have to select the package according to your needs.

How to Start a Blog

Bluehost provides 3 packages Basic, Plus and Choice Plus Plans. Select your package here. If you’re a beginner go with the basic package. You’ll get $3.96 per month. So, click on *Select* button below the Basic Plan and you’ll see the next page of picking a domain name for free.

How to Start a Blog

Here is the main and important step of choosing a domain name for your blog. So, here is the good thing about Bluehost that you can get a free domain for your first year. If you wanna free domain you can enter it in the first box of *Create a new domain*


If you want to use a domain you own you can enter it into the second box of *Use a domain you own* I wanna get a domain free for one year so I will enter the domain in the first box. After this click on the *Next* button below the box.

how to start a blog

Here you’ll have to enter your personal details for your Bluehost account. So, enter it and scroll down and you will see the box below for the payment details.

How to Start a Blog

So, here you can add extra packages you can uncheck them if you want or you can keep them checked. Below you are seeing payment information you can use your Mastercard to pay and click the *Submit* button below. After all, this Bluehost will send you the confirmation E-mail.

email varification

Check your email to verify your account. So, make sure you enter a valid email. Click on *Varify your email* As soon as you click this button your account will be verified. So, you can go back to the main page and refresh that page.

bluehost password

Click on this *Create your password* button and it will ask you to set your password.

bluehost login

Enter your password which you wanna set for your Bluehost account and click *Next* and everything will be done! just Login and you will be on the main dashboard of the Bluehost. Click on * Login to WordPress* and you will be logged in to WordPress of your blog which you have just created using Bluehost hosting and domain.

Launching a Blog on WordPress

Launching your first blog

Okay, now you’ve done the purchase from BlueHost. You have an active hosting and domain with the BlueHost dashboard. Its time to launch a blog using that hosting and domain name. BlueHost provides a really simple and easy to use interface.

Now, here is a tricky thing. When you complete your purchase on Bluehost. It automatically installs WordPress and launches your blog on your domain which gets free from Bluehost.

bluehost hosting discount

Just go to the “My Sites” tab and it will show all your sites there. It will show your site which you just launched. So, click on the “Log in to WordPress” and it will launch a WordPress dashboard.

But, If you’re already a user of BlueHost and want to launch a site from scratch then this step is for you where we see how you can launch a Blog from scratch.

best hosting deal

On the “My Sites” panel just click on the “Create Site” button. It will automatically detect your hosting plan and ask to choose a domain name that you want to use on your Blog.

launching wordpress

Here, Enter the Name of your Blog and Tagline if you want. I highly recommend you to use a good Blog Title and Tagline because it is going to be your brand. So, make sure you use the name of your Blog as a title like I use TechMoll as my blog title and the tagline is “Learning &  Technology Blog” Then click the “Next” button to proceed.

bluehost login

Click on the domains section and it will show all the domains which are available in your Bluehost account. I’ll use “” for my blog. You will select your domain and then click next. As soon as you click this button WordPress will be installed and Bluehost will show the credentials for you.

wordpress tutorial

So, here it will show all the credentials just click the button below “Login to WordPress” and it will launch the WordPress dashboard which is the backend of your blog.

wordpress dashboard

Here we are in the WordPress dashboard of our blog mean now our blog is live now and anyone can visit it. So, this is where we design our blog and manage all the things here.

Why you should choose WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System CMS. In simple words, you can manage your content in the form of blogs or websites like a layout. WordPress is the most popular CMS and used by more than 60 million websites including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019.

It is easy to learn. You can update your content with amazing controls. Install new themes / Layouts quickly for your blog 1000s of plugins are available which can help you add more functionality to your website or blog. There are many platforms that you can build a website with. But, they don’t provide more flexibility like WordPress. Let’s see some of the reasons why you should go with WordPress.

  1. Easy to Learn & Use.
  2. WordPress is Absolutely Free! CMS.
  3. There are many themes available in WordPress which you can use to make the layout of your blog more beautiful.
  4. You can add any functionality in your Blog with amazing WordPress Plugins.
  5. Everything is completely customizable.

And many of the popular blogs are powered by WordPress. Ex: SmartBlogger, TechRadar, ShoutMeLoud etc… I think these are enough reasons why you should choose WordPress. Now let’s move on to the next step

Installing a New Theme + Important Suggestions

how to start a blog

Which theme you should choose?

When you launch a blog, it comes with a default WordPress theme. So, you can change to any theme else you want. So, here we discuss which kind of themes you should use and how you can install a new theme.

There are many factors which we consider choosing a good theme for our blog. The theme should be lightweight to load properly and fast. It should be simple and user-friendly. You have to make sure is it compatible with page builders. And it also should be SEO Friendly.

There are many Free and Paid themes you can use. There is a comparison between free and paid themes. Of course, when you pay for a theme you get some extra functionalities. But there are many free amazing themes out there. Ex: We’re using Free Generate Press Theme on

How to Install a Theme?

There are many Best Free Themes that I will recommend you like GeneratePress, Astra, etc… OR you can decide on any theme later. In order to install a new theme, we’ll go to the WordPress Themes section.


In the WordPress dashboard click on “Appearance” and “Themes” and click on “Add New it will take you to the Themes section of WordPress where you can choose free Themes.

installing new theme

So, here you’ll see many free Themes that you can use. Just click on the Install button below them which you like and then click the “Activate” button at the same place. Your new theme will be installed.

Now, you will have to customize a theme according to your content. To customize your theme just go to “Appearance > Themes> Customize” This is where you can customize your theme and add your content. There are 1000s of themes and anyone has their own choice.

You should have some knowledge of WordPress if you wanna update and customize your WordPress Blog. But, Don’t worry. There are many Tutorials on YouTube Just search “WordPress Tutorials” and you’ll find a lot of videos on WordPress. But If you want me to suggest a Blog on this topic. Then I would recommend you WpBegginers specifically for WordPress Guides you can check it out. So, now we have installed a New Theme in our Blog.

Free or Paid Theme!

My suggestion is to use a minimal theme on your Blogs like Schema or Generate Press Theme. OR you can use other Paid Themes. There are many Premium themes in the Market like Newspaper Theme which is remarkable for News, Magazines. But it is a little heavier that’s why most of the Bloggers don’t prefer that. Therefore there a lot Paid but light and minimal Themes out there like Genesis Framework, Schema, Let me share with you some of my favorite Free and Paid Themes + Why you should choose one of those.

➜First, let me tell you some of the Best Paid Themes:

  • Schema Theme: This is my all-time favorite WordPress theme. It is a beautiful, Simple and Fully Responsive WordPress Theme that provides a Minimal Design. Its loading speed is remarkable. It has the custom Options Panel and Demo Data so you’ll be able to customize it easily.
  • GeneratePress Theme: This also a lightweight and responsive WordPress theme and recommended by many Professional Bloggers. When you Purchase Generate Press (GP) Premium you get a Plugin. Which you install in your WordPress Blog and GP will activate it’s all Premium features automatically. So, it is really simple and easy to use and customize.
  • Genesis Framework: This is Basically a Framework. A little expansive but beautiful WordPress Theme most of the Pro Bloggers use this theme. I won’t suggest you purchase it at the beginning of your Blogging Career. You can start with some other light and reliable Theme. But when you’re earning starts you can switch to this. Apart from that, It an amazing Theme.
  • Voice Theme: This is an amazing Magazine Theme. It also comes with Woo Commerce Integration + provides a really good layout and massive customization options. This is a good paid theme for Blogging.
  • Astra Pro: Astra is really amazing and multi-purpose WordPress theme. Which you can use to build E-Commerce Site, Blog, Personal or Business Websites. It also comes with a small size and fast speed. You can use any page builder with it like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Or Gutenberg. It has very good customization options. You can also go with them.

This was my personal suggestion on the best-Paid Themes. Now in the essential stages, it would be a little difficult for you to customize themes like Voice OR Astra, etc… So, that’s why I recommend you to go with Schema or Generate Press Theme which is simple, modern and easy to customize themes.

➜Now, Let’s explore some of the Best Free Themes that you can use on your Blog:

  • Schema Lite: As I told you before the Schema theme has both versions Free and Paid one. If you wanna use schema for free. You can go with its free version “Schema Lite”. You get almost the same theme as a Premium. Only some advanced and extra features are missing which are not really necessary.
  • GeneratePress: Same goes for this theme you can install it and use it from WordPress Repository for free. But, If you want you can upgrade it to GP Premium. It is also a great Free theme.
  • Astra: Astra provides also a free version. It has many impressive features, Pre-Designed Templates, Page Builder Support, Fully customizable design and so much more. I’ve personally used this theme and it gives supremely amazing results.
  • Newsgem: This is a pretty good magazine theme. You get a premium layout in it. So, If you’re looking for free themes then this can also be a good option for you. It provides advanced custom fields, Custom Menus, Ads optimization and more…

Or you can browse more themes on > Themes. So, you can more options. These were my recommendations. But you choose any theme you want. Okay, now let’s jump to the next step.

Write Your First Blog Post

write your first post

Here we have a truly important section of the article which is, How to Write your first Blog Post. This basically means an article. We have launched our blog to write good content on it. So, In WordPress, we call it Post. WordPress provides us an Editor where we can manage our Post, Add Images, Design our post’s layout, and more…

How to write Post in WordPress

In the WordPress dashboard, just hover over the “Posts” and click on “Add New” So it will open a fresh WordPress Editor where you can write. This is a simple method of writing a post in WordPress.

Now there are many things to learn before posting on your blog. We optimize our post according to the Search Engine so we can Rank in Google to get audience engagement. We’ll talk about SEO in the next section of this article. You should learn the Entire WordPress posting process.

We can’t cover it here. But it is really really simple and easy just you go through the process which we saw before like just go to YouTube and watch some videos on “How to Post in WordPress” In just 30Mins you can learn this. After that comes the Off-Page optimization which is a little tricky. You can learn in a very short time if you take it seriously.

While writing a Post we target some keywords in our article to rank on those keywords. So make sure you musta target keywords because if you don’t have a goal you won’t succeed.

Let’s drive into a very interesting and most important section of this article.:

Why SEO is Important?

how to start a blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a supremely Important and the backbone of your writings. In SEO we optimize our content On & Off-Page according to search engines like Google. We basically tell the search engine that these are the focus keywords that we want to rank on. We optimize images, text, and everything which is in our post.

In your Blogging journey, you should be an expert in SEO because with SEO you rank your content in search results to get more traffic to your website and of course when you grab passive traffic then you earn money from your Blog.

Here we’ll cover some Basics of SEO, which will help you to set your goals of learning Search Engine Optimizations. So, let’s get started.

Basics of SEO:

There are three types of SEO which we are going to cover.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO: This is a really simple and easy to implement a form of SEO. There are many things that we can consider in Technical SEO. When you create a Blog, Google doesn’t know your Blog. You have to ask google that it should crawl and index your Blog in their data.

  1. Google provides us with a free tool called Google Search Console. Here we can manage some data. We submit our Blog as XML Sitemap in Search Console that makes it easy for Google to index our Blog and crawl our content.
  2. We should have a robot.txt file on our Blog. Basically this file is really important and helpful for Google. It tells Google which pages and Content google should crawl and which not. So, this is a simple concept of a robot.txt.
  3. There is https. It means “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” You basically install a certificate on your Blog to make your Blog’s URL Http to HTTPS which is a secure protocol. If you do that, Google considers your website as a secure platform. If you don’t use this, Google will mark your website as Not-Secure. When a user comes to your Blog and sees the Not Secure message, the user will bounce back. This is important to use https.
  4. Ensure that your Blog / Website is Mobile-Friendly. It is a very important factor in SEO. It means that your Blog should look perfect on any device like PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. Nowadays, I think every theme comes with Mobile Friendliness. So, it is not that much complex to make your Blog Mobile Friendly.
  5. You should use a good Permalinks Struction. This is a simple URL that comes after the Blog name. Ex: Here you can see after the there is “how-to-start-a-blog” which is the title of this post. So, you have to use your post title in the URL of your post.
wordpress permalinks

You can simply go to “Settings” > Permalinks and then click this option which is “Post Name”. Done! Now when you’ll write any post it will set post name after the URL of your site which is good in SEO and helpful for google to find a topic of your site.

Monetizing a Blog to Earn Money

This is the much-awaiting section of every newbie. How can we earn money? This is a very interesting part of this article where we’ll learn How can you Monetize your Blog to make money.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. Like you earn money from sponsorships when you get popular. You can make money by especially promoting other brands and many more. But 2 ways are getting most popular these days:

Google Adsense Monetization:

Adsense is the most popular platform to monetize a website or Blog. Millions of big websites are using Adsense to generate revenue like TechRadar. Advertising company pays Google Adsense to Place their Ads on our Blogs. If any Blogger wants to Place Ads on his Blog, He’ll have to Sign Up on Google Adsense.

When we apply for Adsense, Google reviews our Blog manually and give us Approval. After approval then we can place Adsense Ads on our Blog and earn money from Adsense.

So, You’ll have to Get Adsense Approval to earn money. Don’t worry. Most people think that getting an Adsense Approval is really difficult. But it is not right. There are a few basic steps if you follow them you can easily get Adsense Approval.

  • Make a good looking Blog.
  • Create 2 – 3 Pages.
  • Post at least 10 – 15 Posts
  • Your Blog age should be 1-month at least.

That’s all you need to get Adsense Approval. Follow these steps. I ensure you’ll get Adsense Approval in your first try. LEARN MORE!

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a very decent Program of Monetizing a Blog. You can earn almost Double of Adsense. The Simple concept Affiliate Marketing is we promote other’s products and get a commission. Now! here a question pops up, Whom product will we promote?

There are many platforms that offer an Affiliate Program. Ex: Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Walmart, Bluehost, etc…

But nowadays Amazon is Supremely Popular in Affiliation. And minions of peoples are making millions of dollars by promoting Amazon Products on there Blog.

If you start Affiliate Marketing, You’ll be promoting Amazon Products on your Blog. Basically In order to Start you have to Sign up on the Amazon Associate Program. After registering you will be able to get Affiliate Link of Any Amazon Product. You review any amazon product on your Blog and give Affiliate Link of the Amazon Product to your Audience and if the user makes a purchase from your affiliate link you’ll get a commission.

SEO is a must earn money from Blogs. Ex: If your Affiliate Review is not ranking in search engines, the Product will not be sold and you won’t get a commission. So, you’ll have to rank your blog to earn money online.

Learn things gradually and be patient. You’ll get good results. Now at the end of the article. I have some motivational stories for you. So, you can see their hard work and start getting an idea from them.




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